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Clode Library

Neural Net Library For Classification

Clode Library brings you state-of-the-art regularized Neural Networks in an easy to use Microsoft .Net Library. The software can be implemented in a wide range of applications and will allow you to classify extremely complicated date efficiently.

Clode Analyser Logo Using the newest and most robust regularization methods for training the Neural Networks the results are certain to be near optimal, which will avoid problems such as over- and underfitting most Neural Network packages suffer from.
The possibilities are numerous. From any set of historical data it is possible to predict future results with Clode Analyser. Due to the robustness of Neural Networks it is possible to combine data from different data sets with high noise and errors and still archieve good results. These results can be be further synthezied together to yield even more general conclusions. Some examples where Clode Analyser can be used are listed here:
  • Finance: predict stocks, currencies, inflation, business decisions ..
  • Medical: analyse drug effects, discover potential high-risk candidates, estimate factors influencing success of medical treatments, predict disease development stages ..
  • Biology predict sequences (such as DNA sequences), analyse biological and chemical structures, analyse dynamical systems, predict impact of element changes in biological systems ..
  • Environment: estimate enviromental indices (such as pollution), predict environmental impact of new political policies based on similar historical data ..
  • Geology & Geography: estimate / predict location of valueable ressources (such as oil), estimate physical and economic impact of future natural catastrophes (such as earth quakes or tsunamis) based on historical data from similar events
  • Internet: predict vistor traffic, analyse specific visitors (such as the vistors purchasing a particular product) and the variables determining them
  • Politics: predict election results, 
Features & Algorithms
Clode Analyser gives you:
  • State-of-the-art Neural Networks using regularization methods
  • Algorithms that will automatically adjust the Neural Networks to fit your data most effectively.
Download Demo

To obtain a demo version of the Clode Library please send us an email describing exactly which features you want to see demonstrated at: our order email.

  • Standard License: 695 EUR / 900 USD

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