I’m a Ph.D. studenIulian Serbant at University of Montreal, where I investigate the generative deep learning models and reinforcement learning methods. In particular, my research focuses on dialogue modelling and question answering . I am jointly supervised by Aaron Courville and Yoshua Bengio, and I collaborate extensively with Joelle Pineau.

I obtained my master degree MSc. Machine Learning in 2014 from University College of London, where my Master’s Thesis¬† was jointly supervised by David Barber and Peter Dayan. Before that, I obtained my undergraduate degree from Copenhagen University in B.Sc. Mathematics, where my thesis was supervised by Christian Igel. I have also completed an exchange programme at Hong Kong University

In between my studies, I have worked as a software developer and consultant on various projects related to machine learning and statistics. Most notably, from 2012-2013 I worked for the high-tech startup DigiCorpus in Copenhagen developing their intelligent physiotherapeutic exercise system. The system is now helping patients recover from knee injuries in several rehabilitation clinics around Denmark.

Please see my curriculum vitae for further details.