This is our product catalogue. We are continuously developing new products to take advantage of the most promising research in the field of machine learning. Upon request, we may also develop additional features and plugins for our software.
Clode Analyser: Neural Nets For Classification

Clode Analyser LogoData classification using Neural Nets. State-Of-The-Art training methods for Neural Nets combined with intuitive step-by-step guides. Enables you to perform correct highly advanced data classification in minutes. Read more about The Clobe Analyser here.

Clode Library: Neural Net Library For Classification (Microsoft .Net)

Clode Library LogoNeural Net Library for fast regularized classification. State-Of-The-Arf training methods for Neural Net classification including three different regularization methods, which scientifically have been shown to outperform standard Neural Networks. The Library requires almost no knowledge before hand and will adapt itself to the data available without overfitting. Read more about The Clobe Library here.

The Acid Library: The Math Parser (Microsoft .Net)

Acid Library LogoHigh performance math parser to use with the .Net Framework. The Acid Library gives your .Net Applications the power to calculate mathematical equations in real-time. Support for complex numbers, evaluation tasks and user-defined equations. Read more about the Acid Library here.